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MILTEX services available:

Trade - we operate as trading organization, supplier - direct buy / sell

Mediation  - we can support you to close the contract directly, as the mediator only

Consulting - we can help you to reach your target; to allow contacts, to penetrate a market, to find new supplier, to choose best solution, to close the contract

Agent - we work as the representative or agent of our partners

Support - we can support you as your advocate in the local specified markets

Service - we can cover you as your service organization, warranty, after-sale care, repairs

Others - translations, lawyer consulting, standards explanation and test-room service, market analysis

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

We can offer you our special service on these territories as your agent, partner or consultant to support your product or to improve your export/import activities. To find new business opportunities, partners, contacts, subcontractors. Former Czechoslovakia is known as the significant military producer and exporter. And it is valid still, the base exists. We know the market, we know the key people. Simply, we are at home here…

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