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Product range

Ammunition and rounds

  • cartridges and rounds, mortar, artillery and tank ammunition
  • rockets and shells, intelligent bombs
  • pyrocartridges

Personal weapons

  • pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, grenade launchers

Ballistic protection

  • vests, helmets, protectors, shields, visors, tactical vests, vehicle protection
  • ballistic panels and plates

Ground forces

  • wheeled, tracked, armored vehicles, rocket forces
  • spare parts GAZ, UAZ, ZIL, KRAZ, URAL etc.

Engineering corps

  • bridging tanks, demining means


  • airplanes and helicopters, simulators


  • radars

Electronic systems

  • reconnaissance, surveillance
  • communication technologies, transmitters
  • PAWS, SPS, Comint, Elint, C4I
  • positioning systems

Homeland security

  • perimeter protection, facility and plants protection
  • metal and explosives detection
  • ramps and platforms
  • stopping devices

Special corps and services

  • technical means for special tasks


  • water treatment mobile stations
  • water from air
  • field hospitals

Of course, we are ready to supply the complete product, or its parts, components only, instrumentation, spare parts and accessories. Regardless the asked material or technology should be intended for the weapon under the eastern or western standard.

New, used

We can offer you products in different condition: new, used, overhauled.

Thanks to our good relations to the army and our partners, we are ready to offer you not only new products in competitive price, but also the older products (used/unused) sourced from army or arsenal stock.

Therefore we are able to offer cheaper product in well condition to meet the customers’ needs and its different capabilities.

For a specific query do not hesitate to  contact us.

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