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Personal weapons

pistols, rifles, rifles for snipers, automatic weapons, grenade launchers, optical and laser sighting, night vision devices and other accessories.

New, used

We can offer you products in different condition: new, used, overhauled.

Thanks to our good relations to the army and our partners, we are ready to offer you not only new products in competitive price, but also the older products (used/unused) sourced from army or arsenal stock.

Therefore we are able to offer cheaper product in well condition to meet the customers’ needs and its different capabilities.

For a specific query do not hesitate to  contact us.


B01CZ75 Shadow B02CZ75.jpg B03AK47.jpg B04AK47Rocket-Launcher.jpg

B05AK47.jpg B10Sa61Scorpion.jpg B11SAvz58.jpg B12CornerShot.jpg

B13ai-as50-1.jpg B15RF.jpg

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