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Ballistic protection

Ballistic and anti-riot protection

Vests, helmets, protectors, shields, visors, tactical vests, ballistic panels, ballistic plates, vehicle protection, ventilation system under the vest.
We are very strong in the field of ballistic and anti-riot protection and we offer the wide range of top quality products.


  • Various colours, shapes, systems, sizes, floating, for women, fast open, accesories
  • Tactical vests
  • Bullet–proof jackets, also floating
  • Anti-fragment vests
  • Anti-stab vests
  • VIP, concealed vests
  • Body armor
  • Protectors of neck, shoulders, crotch

Helmets and visors

  • Various combinations, types, shapes, 3,4,5 point mounting system with visor, with mounting elements and holders, with or without the flange, straps or pillow system etc.
  • Ballistic helmets
  • Anti-riot helmets
  • Helmets enable to use with the head communication set
  • Police helmets
  • Helmets for paratroopers
  • Hlemets for Air – Crew
  • Anti-riot and ballistic visors for helmets
  • Various types for ground units etc.

Shields and panels

  • Anti-riot shields for police and intervention units
  • Ballistic plates for increasing ballistic resistance of vests
  • Ballistic shield for police and intervention units
  • Soft ballistic blanket

Sandals and panels for safe crossing of mine field

  • For safe crossing of mine fields

Ventilation system under the vests

  • Ventilation system with ventilator. It assures air circulation under the vest and excellent physical comfort of the wearer. It keeps the constant body temperature and pulse. Important e.g. for snipers. Weight 1450 g, 4 AA batteries, min. 10 hours of continual operation.

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