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  • Airplanes, helicopters, penguins, VIP salon version, transport version, resourced
  • e.g. MI-8, MI-17,MI-24,L-410, L-29, L-39, Z-42 and others
  • Walter Engines
  • Spare parts for airplanes and helicopters

Air Simulators

  • All levels from static to fully hydraulic, for training, civil and military airplanes e.g. Z-242, L-410, MIG, SU and others

Our simulators have their own mechanical design, instructor stations, control units, optical sensors, full instrumentation, simulation software and detailed training methodology. We manufacture simulators exclusively for specific types of real aircraft, always with the support of aircraft manufacturers, with whom we cooperate on an official level. Simulators can be expanded to include a circular projection surface, satellite data from the client’s geographical area and an enclosed, air-conditioned pilot’s cabin. Simulators are always produced according to the precise requirements of the client, including software modification and color specifications. The construction of the simulators is modular, which ensures a small number of spare parts as well as simple and fast maintenance. With the purchase of replacement blocks this system allows nearly continuous simulator operation.

We have developed training programs for our simulators, including regular training and retesting – a feature that is especially valuable for military pilot schools. The training methodology contains the vast experience of factory, acrobatic, military and commercial pilots, as well as the knowledge of inspectors and aviation accident investigators. Flight simulators improve the efficiency and safety of pilot training, prepare pilots for real flights, and reduce costs for the operation and maintenance of aircraft for aviation operators.

New, used

We can offer you products in different condition: new, used, overhauled.

Thanks to our good relations to the army and our partners, we are ready to offer you not only new products in competitive price, but also the older products (used/unused) sourced from army or arsenal stock.

Therefore we are able to offer cheaper product in well condition to meet the customers’ needs and its different capabilities.

For a specific query do not hesitate to  contact us.



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