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About us

Company Profile

MILTEX is Czech Ltd. Company, located in Prague, established in 2007 as the ascending institution of MHM Eko with the target to concentrate aviation and defense business activities under the one roof. MHM Eko operates on the market since 1990. MILTEX linked up and successfully goes on this tradition. MILTEX - is shortcut of Military Export.

MILTEX is the licensed subject to carry out international military trade, equipped by all necessary licenses and permissions required.

MILTEX the core business is the trade, service and consulting in aviation and defense field, deals mainly with military and security systems, materials and technologies. MILTEX has a well relationship and co-operates with a majority of domestic and Slovak producers (former Czechoslovakia), also with Army of Czech Republic, Army of Slovak Republic and national police corps. MILTEX is an official army contractor.

MILTEX has an activities, customers and business partners in other European countries, in Asia, Africa and Southern America. MILTEX operates as an agent or partner of foreigner arsenals, war industrial plants and military technology suppliers. MILTEX has strong contacts to Russia and Israel too.

Therefore MILTEX is ready to supply wide range of military products, weapons, arms, spare parts, components and technologies as from/to western as from/to eastern market.

The product range

E.g. personal weapons, rifles, ballistic protection means, armored vehicles, wheeled carriers, crawler carriers, ammunition, rockets, transceivers and communication technologies, radars, detectors, surveillance products, self-protection systems, helicopters, flying simulators, aircraft and its technologies, homeland security products, technical means for special corpses and services, and many others. Simply, anything you can imagine (excluding NBC) probably we have or we know to find it where

Of course, we are ready to supply the complete product, or its parts, components only, instrumentation, spare parts and accessories. Regardless the asked material or technology should be intended for the weapon under the eastern or western standard.

New, used

We can offer you products in different condition: new, used, overhauled.

Thanks to our good relations to the army and our partners, we are ready to offer you not only new products in competitive price, but also the older products (used/unused) sourced from army or arsenal stock.

Therefore we are able to offer cheaper product in well condition to meet the customers’ needs and its different capabilities.

Our staff

The employees of MILTEX are former or retired officers usually. This is guarantee of technical skills and quality of our work. Our people speak English as well as Russian, Czech and Slovak indeed.

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